24/7 Commercial fire alarm Monitoring

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Fire & smoke detection for business

Carbon Monoxide (CO) detection

With the ability to measure CO, smoke and heat, our sensors can act as both fire and toxic gas detectors.

Leading-edge fire detection

Response one fire alarm solutions are the most advanced available today, ensuring reliable early detection of all fire types.

24-7-hour monitoring

24/7 fire alarm monitoring

When your Response one alarm is activated – day or night – a signal is sent to our Alarm Monitoring Centre, and always responded to. This is especially important when commercial premises are unoccupied, as that’s when the majority of fires happen.

Emergency response

All our fire detection alarms are fully monitored and in the event of an activation we will notify the keyholders and the Ghana National fire service

Response one Smart Business

Have greater control over your business security with our new smart alarm, and also control your business at any location.

Response one Security Consultant will be happy to come to your premise and recommend the perfect security solution based on your business and circumstances.

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