Introducing 24/7 Police Response

The 24/7 Police Response Service is a comprehensive combination of security solution packaged for your peace. It is a partnership service f=developed by response One Ghana Ltd and the Ghana Police Service to serve your ultimate security need: a promote armed police response to your alarm system by dedicated patrol response team. The service includes a range of packages designed for your need and budget. Response One Ghana Ltd is the premier security and life safety company in Ghana, offering a variety of service and product to ensure the total safety and security of your home or business. This partnership with the Ghana Police service, the nation’s law enforcer, offers our client the ultimate security management option.


The client first has to be registered for the Response One service.

The Response One installation team then installs the alarm equipment at the facility assigned, whether home or office. Then installation is done based on assignment of needs and necessary information required in an emergency situation, referred to as the Alarm Dispatch Procedure (ADP).

If the system is triggered by an intruder, it sends an alarm signal to our Response One Operations Monitoring Room.

Our well-trained Response team then responds to the signal. They follow the ADP for immediate responds and action.

Response One then forwards the signal to the Ghana Police for it to be directed to the appropriate patrolling team. The Stationed and Patrol team receives our signal on screens provided by Us for effective Response.

The dispatch team arrives at the location within minutes through a guided route (MAP). 


The partnership with the Ghana Police Service is to assure protection, prevention and immediate response. This unique partnership service:

1. Offers a prompt armed police response

2. Helps deter armed robbers

3. Give you remote control access to your home

4. Protects your properties and valuables

5. Notifies you of fire or gas leakages

6. Reduces cost of insurance premium

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