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Do you know what systems you need in your high-risk, high-value locations?

When property and lives are at stake, make sure you get the best advice about fire suppression systems. Response one Fire Protection starts by helping you ask the right questions. Then, we do more than answer them.

Types Of Fire Suppression Systems

Small Space Protection Systems

Sometimes the smallest spaces are the most difficult to protect. See how you can reduce even the most critical small space fire risk

Clean Agent Fire Suppression

Protect high-value assets like data centers or priceless artifacts in a museum with waterless, environmentally friendly clean agents.

Industrial Fire Protection Systems

Response one designs and installs suppression systems for a variety of industrial hazards to maximize safety and limit damage to equipment and processes.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Systems

Reduce downtime and increase protection with a rapidly expanding carbon dioxide gas fire suppression system that lowers oxygen levels to prevent combustion.

Response one Fire Suppression Installation Includes:

  • The installation of a commercial fire suppression system on your site.
  • Detailed consultation from our experienced Field Technicians
  • Finished design and drawings
  • The plans, permits, and approvals your business needs
  • Complete system testing and final inspection

CAUTION: The wrong fire suppression system can cause more damage than the fire itself. so signup for Response one fire suppression system to prevent any damages.

Fire Stop Sprinkler

What is Foam Suppression?

The foam used for fire suppression has three components. Foam concentrate, water, and air combine together to create foam. When the suppression system is triggered, it releases a blanket of foam. Fires are extinguished by a combination of cooling and smothering of the flames. The foam also traps flammable vapors that could possibly ignite.


Most frequent questions and answers

Many benefits can come from a foam fire suppression system. Foam is more effective than fire sprinklers at putting out hotter fires due to its ability to quickly cool a fire. It also is faster at putting out a fire which means less property damage due to fire. In addition, this form of suppression is more effective at preventing the re-ignition of a fire because it suppresses flammable vapors

Fire suppression systems are used to extinguish or prevent the spread of fire in a building. Suppression systems use a combination of dry chemicals and/or wet agents to suppress equipment fires.

This system uses inert gases—such as nitrogen, argon, and carbon dioxide—to reduce the oxygen level around the fire and suppress it in the process. The concentration of gases used in Inergen systems is safe to use around people.

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