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The Securelink Platform

SecureLink is an all-in-one interactive security, video and smart home application. Fully custom brandable for your home, Response One provides our customers with complete remote control of their connected home.

Built-in Automation

Build Recipes with “if this, then do that” automations. Trigger devices, notifications or recordings when specific events occur.

Manage Users

Customers can add, remove and edit contacts, with control over access levels and panel codes.

Set Notifications

Your customers are able to manage their own email, text and push notifications for alarm and other system events.

Full DIY Capability

Your customers can self-install and manage all devices and cameras on their account with easy to follow in-app wizards.


Interactive Security

Arm and Disarm with zone bypass. View real-time system and zone status. View history, receive notifications and alerts.

Video Monitoring

Continuous local recording with event recordings backed up to the cloud. Pan/Tilt and 2-way audio on supported cameras.

Home Control

Complete instant-response control and status of thermostats, lights, locks, garage doors, appliances and other devices.


Smart. Secure. Connected.

Custom Integrations via API

Google Home API library enables integration into existing proprietary and 3rd party applications. With hundreds of API methods Google Home API is both comprehensive and robust, powering front and back-facing partner applications.

Globally Scalable Cloud Architecture

The SecureLink Platform is deployed globally with servers in North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Australia. Load-balancing and auto-scaling in the cloud provides a high level of performance and stability.

Industry-Leading Speed and Monitoring

SecureLink always-on connection provides instant response, real-time 2-way feedback on all security and home control devices, without frustrating polling delays. 

 Supported Panels

2GIG Panel

DSC Control Panel


DSC Panel

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