With Response One service you can rest assured of a watchful eye on your home and office no matter where you are. There are many types of security systems you can chose from.

Your Security Is Our Priority

CTV is a great way of enhancing your security. It lets you keep a watchful eye on your home and loved ones, and acts as a visual deterrent to potential intruders – sending a clear message that nothing goes unseen.

M5 Pro by ANVIZ is a compact access control device that is designed to fit most door frames. The metal casing, with IP65 water-proof design, makes it suitable for indoor or outdoor applications.

Response One Ghana Limited offers addressable plug-in photoelectric and thermal detectors that use a state-of-the art technology with communications to provide open area protection 

The 24/7 Police Response Service is a comprehensive combination of security solution packaged for your peace. It is a partnership service developed by response One Ghana Ltd and the Ghana Police Service to serve your ultimate security need: a promote armed police response to your alarm system by dedicated patrol response team.

Response One Smart Home Is More Than Just A Smart Alarm – It Uses State-Of-The Art Security Technology. Its Advanced Encryption Techniques Mean Your Smart Security System Is Virtually Impossible To Hack, Making Your Data As Safe As Your Home

We offer high quality, reliable & cost effective solutions for all residential, retail, commercial, industrial, government & all others requiring security & protection.

Including maintenance contracts & emergency call out facilities are available to our customers. Our Quality Management System combined with customer’s feedback ensure that the best & most effective solution is always available to the Ghanaian market, backed up with an effective sales & customer support organization.


Outdoor Professional Standalone Access Control Terminal

M7 is a new generation outdoor access control device of Anviz. The M7 adopts metal case and IP65 outdoor design with activation technologies in fingerprint sensor for easy for ease of operation. As an access control device, which are designed with PoE communication and access interface separation, The M7 is easy to install and reducing the labor cost. The powerful access control function is noteworthy for M7.

Frequently asked questions

A guard tour system is a system used to help companies and organizations to organize, log and execute guard tours and patrols in their assets ensuring that the officers will accomplish their tasks within the predefined time intervals.


Security companies

Educational Institutes

Real Estate organizations

Public transportation services

Finance Institutes

Warehouse departments

Manufacturing facilities

Cleaning and maintenance services

Your car can be tracked accross the country.


"Like the way you guys treats your customers, the prices are great too!"
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"Like the way you guys treats your customers, the prices are great too!"
Amy Schultz
"We ended up with the best security system in the area thanks to these guys"
Paul Jameson
"Thanks for the quick and professional service! I was happy to know about safety"
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