Anviz C2 Pro

C2 Pro is a high performance time and attendance terminal aimed to the middle and high-end market. Equipped with highly efficient Dual-Core 1GHz processor, C2 Pro sustains higher performance by finishing the comparison in less than 0.5 seconds. Friendly GUI and 3.5 inches TFT LCD make C2 Pro is easy to use. It support several RFID reader module (HID, ALLEGION or ANVIZ) and RS485, PoE-TCP/IP or WiFi communication for different requirements. Based on Linux operation system, C2 Pro offers SDK and EDK for further customization of the system. It also provides 1 relay for the ringbell and a connecting to the Access Control system. All the above to meet your requirements.


iClock360 is compatible with various types of USB flash disks, ADMS and former SDK. It also supports data backup and retrieve to avoid the risk of accidental deletion.
It promotes the fingerprint time & attendance management to the next level. You can get the best of benefits from the iClock360.


Data backup and retrieve

Intuitive and stunning UI

Advanced User ID consisting of letters and numbers

3 Immediate Benefits of Time Management Systems

Cost Reductions

Calculating how much a company is losing by not automating their time management systems can be almost impossible. Typically the only way to find out is to integrate one such as those provided by Advance Systems. If the cost of poorly managed scheduling wasn’t clear before, once time management systems are installed the answer quickly reveals itself on a company’s balance sheets.

Prevent Wage Fraud

Another area that can be difficult to calculate losses in is that of wage fraud. It can be a substantial drain on company resources if not monitored. As well as costing a company money, absenteeism and “Buddy Punching” can demoralize hard working employees. Time management systems from Advance Systems allow for biometric scanners to be integrated, meaning employees can only clock themselves in.

Optimize scheduling

In order to adapt to the ever changing business environment the modern workplace needs to be flexible and dynamic. Flexi-time and remote offices are becoming standard practice across businesses. Using flexi-time and tele-working gives companies more control and versatility. However, they can also increase the complexity of scheduling which can lead to added costs and resource mismanagement. Time management systems from Advance Systems include flexi-time and tele-working operability.